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I am an artist. I make no bones about that, it runs deeply in my family from aunts, cousins, siblings, and children. I came at quilting in 2005 as a painter, sketcher, designer, knitter, crocheter, sewer, drawer…

I started outside the box and never stepped inside! I have come up with ways of doing things myself that seem to work so far and have been having a lot of fun doing so.

I have displayed my quilts in art shows, in an old schoolhouse for a couple of weeks each summer, in Art Galleries, in fact, anywhere I could. I have also entered my quilts in shows where they have won awards. My quilt, ‘Celise’ won Best in Show at Quilt Canada in 2012, ‘The Hunter’ won the Grand Prize in the Fabricville Maritimes Quilt Challenge in 2013, and ‘Solstice’ brought in third place in the CQA winter quilt challenge in 2014.

My quilts have been featured in magazines as well. 

‘Reflections’ was included in the International Quilt festival, Quilt Scene, winter 2011/2012 pg36

‘Surf’s Up’ will be featured in Quilt-it…today in May 2014

‘Reflections’ will be in The Quilter’s Life in Aug 2014

I have a broad range of interests and my quilts show that variety. I am working on a number of series quilts including the ‘Up Close and Personal’ set.

I am now producing patterns that are available in some quilting shops and at retreats and hopefully soon, on my blog. These patterns are chosen from quilts that are striking yet uncomplicated.

I am available to teach or do trunk shows at any time and would love to travel. I am currently booked to do a trunk show/workshop in Victoria, BC in May 2015.

At the moment, I live  on Prince Edward Island. My 3 children are all married and I now have 5 grandchildren.

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  1. Karen permalink
    April 6, 2011 3:26 am

    I am working on Up Close and Personal – Zebra
    and would like to know why the first white border
    is 23 inches and not 15 3/4 inches.
    Please answer. Thank you

  2. louise permalink
    October 25, 2011 1:55 am

    I have to say, you dont look old enough to have grandchildren, PEI has always fascinated me, maybe one day i will see it, until then i in live in the country in australia, kangaroos for neighbours, quilt fabric bursting out of my home. I practise the art of american canning which is very unusual in aussieland, but i love it. i even have a store cupboard my friends shop in………………heeeheee
    looking forward to seeing what else you do
    have a great day

  3. January 31, 2012 8:03 pm

    Hello Carol,

    My name is Tom Russell and I am working with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson on The Quilt Life magazine.

    Would it be possible for you to contact me. I have a question about the availability of one of your quilts.

    Thank you,
    Tom Russell

  4. Janet permalink
    August 28, 2012 8:32 pm

    Congratulations Carol for your Best of Show quilt at Quilt Canada. It is quite something.
    Now to read your blog.
    Janet….Kensington PEI

  5. Debbie permalink
    November 22, 2012 2:21 am

    Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your trunk show tonight at the guild in Charlottetown. The stories and journals that went along with your quilts were awesome and a great complement. Thanks for sharing!
    Debbie Saulnier

  6. Rose permalink
    March 13, 2013 3:43 am

    wow – your work is amazing, simply amazing! And you capture so much of Canadian life in your quilts – and as a fellow Canadian (Ontario) I love it. Beautiful quilts which someday, i am certain will be displayed in a museum in PEI if not already there. I look forward to purchasing some of your patterns… especially the zebra! Keep up the great work…you are so creative.
    Rose Leblanc

  7. August 31, 2013 2:15 pm

    We hope, Carol, that we might interest you in entering some of your great pieces in the “Stories in Stitches” exhibition at St. Paul’s (Charlottetown), September 24 to 28th, 2013. A truly unique setting, and an opportunity to have your work seen by (we estimate) at least a thousand viewers — including the passengers on a quilting cruise!
    To find out about it, go to and click on “Stories in Stitches”.
    Hope you can spread the word among your friends and fellow craftpersons.
    Rob Thomson

  8. April 3, 2014 6:35 am

    what kind of sewing machines do u use for sewing your quilt blocks?

    • April 3, 2014 12:39 pm

      Hi, Kelly. I use a Janome Memory Craft 6500 for my quilting. I has a very nice extension table and lots of room to work.

  9. April 4, 2014 9:54 am

    Hello. My name is Deborah Hearn, Editor of Quilt-it…today Magazine. Would you please contact me? I would like to feature your Wave Quilt in my summer issue on my Gathering Inspiration page. Thanks.

  10. Michelle Watt permalink
    May 31, 2014 11:20 am

    Hi Carol
    I “tripped over you” on the net tonight. Your work is amazing and in particular your 59 Caddy. I thought it was a photo at first, Congratulations – you are truley inspirational. I am going to have a go at going a Cobra for my husband.

    • May 31, 2014 11:36 am

      Perfect! Inspiring others to try this is just what I hope to do. I would love to see a picture of that Cobra sometime! You can see the process if you check out the ‘Celise’ posts from start to finish. Enjoy! 🙂

  11. Anna MacKay permalink
    June 10, 2014 4:13 pm

    Good Day, Carol, I was looking at your gallery and wondering if “The Sentinel” is available for purchase and if so, what the cost would be. Thank you for your reply. Anna MacKay

  12. Anna MacKay permalink
    June 10, 2014 4:24 pm

    Hi Carol, Anna MacKay here again. In your Gallery here on the website you show a scene of the PEI cliffs that says there is a pattern available. Do material and instructions come with the pattern and if so, how do I arrange its purchase and what would the cost be? Thank you for this. Anna MacKay

  13. Marg Weeks permalink
    August 20, 2014 1:48 am

    Hi Carol – Naomi Ichikawa editor of the Japanese quilt magazine Patchwork tsushin. ( is coming to PEI in October and would like to connect with you Carol, to do a story for her magazine. She has been corresponding by email with me as I am co-chair of the Kindred Spirits Quilt Show and she is planning to come to our show. I would be delighted to put you in touch with Naomi – I can be contacted at Thank you

  14. September 26, 2014 8:48 pm

    Hello Carol, just discovered your blog… don’t know what I like most… your artful quilts, your gorgeous drawings/paintings… in any case I share with you your interest for all that different kinds of creative activities. Kind regards from Germany! Annett

    • September 28, 2014 12:25 pm

      Nice to hear from a fellow creative gal!! Hope to see some of your work some day, Annett! Welcome aboard….:)

  15. Rob Thomson (for St. Paul's church) permalink
    July 8, 2015 8:09 pm

    Does this catch your exhibitor’s interest?

    Stories in Stitches II
    Historic and beautiful St. Paul’s church in downtown Charlottetown is the site of the most dramatic show of quilts, hooked rugs and artistic needlework. It will run from Tuesday 29 September to Saturday 3 October — daily from 10:00 till 4:00
    What a great way to display these works of art: set out on the pews and railings of the church, against a background of richly warm woodwork, lit by the colourful stained-glass windows
    An appreciative audience is assured: the inaugural show in 2013 drew more than 1200 visitors … Again this time there will be a cruise ship docking in Charlottetown on the Wednesday, filled with avid quilters on a special tour. Admission will be just $5, so as to let everyone have a chance to spend a wonderful hour soaking up the magnificent display.
    The show welcomes the whole gamut of fabric, fibre and needle crafts, in all styles from antique to modernistic. Why the title, ‘Stories in Stitches’? … because there’s usually a story about why a piece was created, about a person or cause for which it was made, or about something that happened during the making. Items will be labelled with contact data and information about the history, intent and technique of the work.
    It’s not a sale, although some presenters may be open to subsequent purchase of their works, and the labels will indicate that. The maximum number of pieces any one person may enter is 5. There is no entry fee. The show will also feature daily demonstrations by rug-hooking and quilting artisans.
    For information, contact Dotty Affleck at 902-367-1195,
    See more at … click on the heading “Stories in Stiches 2015”

  16. Rob Thomson (for St. Paul's church) permalink
    July 14, 2015 11:24 pm

    Hello again, Carol … this is about the St. Paul’s show:
    A post-script to the message we sent a few days ago about the fabric & fibre exhibition at St. Paul’s church at the end of September …
    This year we’re going to extend the hours, to keep it open longer on Friday and Saturday. Here’s the latest:
    It will run from Tuesday 29 September to Saturday 3 October — daily from 10:00 till 4:00 (till 7:00 on Friday and 5:00 on Saturday).
    Rob Thomson

  17. Peg permalink
    October 7, 2015 3:04 pm

    Hello Carol – met you briefly at Stories and Stitches in Charlottetown, loved your work; I would be interested if you are planning to hold any classes in the near future.

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