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My West Coast adventure is drawing to a close

June 1, 2015

My time here in BC has been amazing! I have met some new friends, made some good connections, and started booking for a return trip next Spring. During the first few weeks of May, I was able to get up to Kelowna and Williams Lake to visit with my kids and grandkids! A very energetic bunch…I even rode on my son’s motorcycle (a first time experience!)

This past Thursday, I was privileged to share my trunk show with the Westshore Victoria guild (a great bunch of gals!) and then join them plus the Victoria guild on a bus trip up to Parksville to attend their amazing quilt show. They are a very talented group of ladies. It was wonderful to see them again!

On Saturday, I taught an Enchanted Forest workshop to a group of 13 from the Westshore guild. They are well on their way to producing some beautiful pieces! Here is the work at the half way point…

image image

As you you can see…every piece is different and I’m sure their final products will be awesome! Good job girls! You can see the tulle in these photos….the stitching was done in hoops and the tulle helps with a bit of stability. It will be cut away when the stitching is completed.

I have a booking with this guild for next April, so if you are in BC and would like to see the trunk show or take a workshop, contact your guild who can then get in touch with me!

i fly back to PEI tomorrow after a 2 1/2 month absence. It will be nice to get back to my own machine again! If you are one of the gals who took a workshop on Vancouver Island, I would love to keep in touch and especially would like to see a photo of your finished quilt…I will share them on here if you like!

Happy quilting!

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