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My latest classes…

April 25, 2015

Well…it has been an exciting couple of weeks! It began with a trip to my brother’s place in Saanich , BC, where I stayed during the Victoria workshop. This great group of gals had decided to tackle Cedars in the Mist. We had 2 days (which was a good thing) so the class was somewhat relaxed. All 15 of them ended up with amazing creations….and as I had not provided them with a detailed pattern as to what their trees had to look like and where they were to be placed, they had to use their imaginations (which was my goal in the first place!)

here is a shot of the group at work…


Having a gym to spread out in was wonderful, and everyone had a table to themselves. This was at the Salvation Army Citadel and the staff who set up for us each of the 2 days were marvellous!

At the end of the second day, the quilts were pretty much completed except for the quilting and binding!

Here are a couple of shots of student work…



After this workshop, I had one day to get my things together and drive north to Parksville. A wonderful couple put me up for the 4 nights I was there…thanks again, Carol Ann and Bob!

This group had opted for 2 one -day workshops. The first one was the Enchanted Forest which the class handled very well. Their work was awesome….my camera work, however, was not , as I did not get a good shot of any of them! If any of you gals are reading this, could you please send me a picture so I can share it with everyone?!

The following day was another workshop….Snowy Field. Some of these gals took both classes! Such creative creations came out of these classes! It was a joy to work with them. My camera was working for this group…..image




Once again, I worked on mini quilts as demos….this time, 2 of them…


I now have about a month before the next workshop ( the Victoria Westshore guild) so I’ll be heading up to Kelowna and Williams Lake to see my family. Anyone interested in a trunk show in those areas, contact me right away and I’ll bring the quilts with me, otherwise, they stay here.

So long for now…..

Happy quilting!

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  1. Linda Barker permalink
    April 28, 2015 12:17 am

    Wow great job ladies! Always amazes me how they can be the same but oh so different

  2. Linda Barker permalink
    April 28, 2015 12:25 am

    I was just trying to imagine what we would come up with here on the prairies LOL.

    • April 28, 2015 4:50 am

      Always lots of scope for quilts…..I should design a prairie quilt…😀

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