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April 1st…and it’s about time I brought you up to date!!

April 2, 2015

I am now on beautiful, sunny, Vancouver Island but for a while, it was touch and go whether I would even be able to make it! We were in the middle of some rather severe snow storms on PEI and my original flight out was cancelled. I called right away and booked a seat on a flight later that week hoping the weather would clear up enough to land and take off. This was a Monday….my new flight was the following Thursday. We were expecting another dump of snow on Wednesday so we went in to Charlottetown and stayed at an Inn right across the road from the airport. The expected storm arrived with a vengeance and many flights were cancelled. I kept thinking that I HAD to get out as I was scheduled to do my trunk show and teach a workshop the following Monday on Quadra Island!

Well, I made it out as scheduled. I did have to spend the night tooling around in the Montreal airport, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Lots of people were in the same boat so I did have company. Landing in Vancouver was a joy after all that snow!

It was awesome catching up with my mom again after I arrived in Chemainus…we had a very short visit, then I was off to Quadra Island where I was able to see friends from way back when I used to live there. The trunk show went well with lots of quilters and some non-quilters in attendance. The next day was the workshop…16 gals attended and we had a lot of fun working on The Wave quilt. They were justifiably proud of their work. Here are a few of their quilts as they looked at the end of the day…

!image image    image image image  image

Aren’t they wonderful?

Well, I think they all did a marvellous job…these are just a few of them to give you a taste. The most interesting thing is how they all look so different…everyone brings their own unique slant to the project. Good job, gals!

It has been wonderful visiting with my mom and seeing the whole area. Her garden is so cute and has many visitors including deer, black squirrels…

image  imageimageimage

Quil, rabbits and birds. It is like Snow White’s garden (as my sister pointed out) just missing the bluebirds flitting about with ribbons in their beaks!

I brought my sketchbook with me and finally I had a moment to sit down yesterday and did a drawing of a little bit of the patio…


That is all the news for now. I am doing my next trunk show in Victoria at the Salvation Army Citadel on Douglas St on April 14….workshops will be the following 2 days…I’ll post pics.

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  1. Glenda B. permalink
    April 2, 2015 1:40 am

    Hope to connect with you the T while you’re out this way. If you don’t have our phone # pop us an email and I’ll send it to you.
    Blessings and amazing work by all. 🙂

  2. April 2, 2015 1:41 am

    Oops “you and T”

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