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March 11, 2015

Well…the days are counting down until I fly out of here. Vancouver Island, here I come!! And SPRING!!!

This is what I am leaving…..



The icy Northumberland Straight with the Confederation Bridge.



Boats waiting for open water….all in all, a very frigid landscape surrounds us here. You can see why I am looking forward to green grass and flowers???

On to other matters…..

Here are a few shots of recent quilts. Some of them have shown up on recent blogs, but I have slightly different shots of them now.

065 (Large)

Two versions of the Snowy Field. I stitched between the furrows with white on the one with blue sky and it made a lot of difference. I have yet to add the crows…..I guess they are all hanging out in the first quilt!

068 (Large)

This lovely ‘Snowy Field’ quilt was done by one of my students. I like her arrangement for the crows. Keep up the great work, Dianne!

Here is another student piece….

069 (Large)

A beautiful ‘Evening Wave’…..great job, Peggy!

These gals are coming for another class in a day or so….the ‘Cedars in the Mist’ or ‘Enchanted Forest’ quilt. There are many different ways to finish this one so I’m sure we will see some awesome work!

Here are a couple of recent little quilts I have done…

073 (Large)

This is a 4″x6″ version of the full-size ‘Red Cliffs’ quilt.

010 (Large)

This is the 4″x6″ version of the ‘Enchanted Forest’ quilt.

009 (Large)

A week or so ago, I was puttering in my studio. I looked out at the sunset and saw this sky. I had the overwhelming urge to recreate it in fabric so out came my sky fabrics….piles of them all over my work table….This is the result. I had it figured out before the sky was all dark!! 🙂

The rest of the quilt was put together the following day and the stitching done over a couple of days. At first, I used the fabrics ‘as is’….but in looking at it a few days later, I realized that the rocks and water were too bright for the time of day, so I added about 4 layers of black tulle over the entire lower half (which meant re-stitching all my rock detail and white froth in the water)

I like the finished product way better, though, so it was well worth the extra time.

I received my copy of the March/April issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited recently. They had contacted me a few months back about using my ‘Celise’ quilt in this issue. I eagerly flipped through it to find a wonderful article entitled ‘Childhood Moments’ by Diane Doran. She has beautifully put together an article involving 11 quilts which feature children. They are all excellent pieces and I am proud to be included in their number! Page 28-33

078 (Large)

Before I began quilting…waaaayyy back in 2005….I was an artist bear-maker. I had a lot of fun and made so many bears that I understood how to create my own. I was asked to teach one of my quilting students how to make a bear so we had a session a few days ago. I brought out a few of my own and took their pictures… they are.

004 (Large) - Copy

A little gal made from fake fur.

003 (Large) - Copy

A ‘cool’ chap made from fake fur with claws and a nose that I made from Sculpey.

001 (Large) - Copy

My first mohair bear. I only tackled this after making about 150 other bears!! I made her nose.

005 (Large) - Copy

006 (Large) - Copy

This old bear is a copy of one I designed for a competition (he did NOT win anything). That bear was sold so I made another one for me…this one….which is a good one, but not the same. 😦

Here is a fun little character….

008 (Large)

She sits about 3″ high. I made a couple of 2″ bears and really enjoy the minis.

Here is the one I completed during and after my class last week….

002 (Large) - Copy

She is mohair as well. I got a good start on another one which is made from an old mink coat. Very soft! 🙂

Well….I will hopefully be able to keep you posted as I teach the workshops, etc on the island. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Janet Jones permalink
    March 11, 2015 6:50 pm

    Oh my! I love your little quilts, Carol! You are such an artist! The bears are sweet too. I certainly can see why you want to get out here to BC! Eastern Canada has been enduring such an intense winter, and we have really not had enough snow out at this end.

  2. March 11, 2015 7:55 pm

    I am certainly having fun with the mini quilts! They stitch up so fast and look so cute. Great for framing, too.

  3. Sylvia permalink
    March 19, 2015 8:14 pm

    Just saw the story about your upcoming westcoast tour…if you are passing through Port Alberni before the end of March, stop in at Blue Fish Gallery (2907 2nd Ave) where I have a show of fibre collage fish. I will be sure to try and catch you at one of your stops and maybe even get in on a workshop…

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