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What an interesting day!

December 6, 2014

OK, I started out this morning determined to continue working on my ‘Cedars in the Mist’ quilt. I have it laid out on my work table in this state….


If you look, you can see all the pins. The trees are on 5 different layers of white tulle and are ready for stitching. Before I started to stitch, however, I thought it would be wise to try stitching a small version of one of the foreground trees to be on the safe side. (After all, I am stitching on tulle alone, in a hoop) I cut a small piece of tulle and added some of the dried grass fabric and a tree trunk. I took a deep breath and began to add moss to the tree. IT WAS PERFECT!! How cool it looked. I thought that if this sample worked, I would make a mini quilt out of it.

It worked……and looked like this…


This shot shows it after the tree is done and a fern is stitched and the grass is stitched with a shadow behind the tree. I used about 7 different threads for the tree. I really like this technique.

OK, I now had a sample tree and proved to myself that I could stitch details right on top of tulle….good to know.

I cut out a sky and distant hillside from the same fabrics that the quilt has and was ready to put the new tree in place. I was doing some other things around my studio…..Christmas decorating, etc, and saw a cool piece of fabric laying on my work table that I had used to cut out some of the trees for the bigger quilt. I looked at it again….and clipped it up on my wall……it was a very interesting piece of fabric! I wondered what my tree might look like on top of it……I’ll show you…


Doesn’t that look great?? I love the light patch in the middle! The fern in front of it is also a neat touch. Well….my mind was churning …what can I do with this? I loved the mystical quality here and wanted to work with it. It was a foregone conclusion that this is now a new mini quilt. I will just have to do another sample for the ‘Cedars in the MIst’ quilt!

I cut away the tulle from around the tree and ground and cut another piece of grey tulle…don’t ask me why, It just seemed the thing to do! I added a few more distant trees in the distance, then put the grey tulle in my hoop, marked an area that I wanted to stitch branches into and away I went. The resulting layer of tulle was laid over the rest of it and this is what it looks like now….


I will be putting some sort of border around it consisting of a very narrow strip (playing with gold metallic) then a wider, woodsy -looking outer border. Who knows what will happen with it tomorrow! Always interesting, anyway.

The Calvin and Hobbes quilt is also coming along slowly…..Hobbes is done, anyway…


Well, there you have it.

Have fun with your own creativity and don’t discount the value of the unexpected turn!

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  1. Joyce Arbogast permalink
    December 6, 2014 11:08 pm

    How neat! Love it! You are a genius my friend. Miss u

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