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A mixed bag today…..

August 26, 2014

I have been busy on a few fronts and have the photos to prove it!! 🙂

First off, the small quilt that I started for the CQA/ACC traveling quilt exhibit ended up a bit of a failure! i reported on it in my last blog and then tried to get the bridge stitched in and the whole thing bombed! Such are the constant challenges of a quilter.

I went right back to my original sketch (which is about 1″ x 2″….yep…INCHES. lol I loved the sketch, but the quilt was not looking as good for some reason. I decided to do what I should have done in the first place and enlarged the sketch on my photocopier, traced it onto a clear binder sleeve, and then blew it up to the correct size with my overhead projector. I made a master drawing and have since been working from that. The result so far is much better!

Here it is with bits of fabric layered in place…



The differences are subtle but now, I like it! I spent part of this morning beginning the stitching. I started with the far edge of the crops, then added the tulle with little sparkles in it over the water and stitched that….after the water was done, the distant trees were stitched and then a line of white satin stitch sewn along the upper edge of the bridge….


A close up of the water….


I like this sparkly tulle ….the bits are random and varied in size.

OK…that is my quilt update as of this moment.


My Illustrated Journal…..

I have decided to try and draw at least one sketch per day in order to become faster and better at sketching. I started around home where things don’t move…I have a small Moleskin sketch book, a pen, some watercolour pencil crayons, and a small traveling watercolour paint set.

This one is drawn while looking out a window in my studio…..the barn


The view out of another studio window….


I sat on the grass to do this drawing of my house here on PEI…



The arrangement on my sunporch table…this is an example of me trying too hard to get it perfect….a rather stilted drawing…



I did it again, only quicker and I like this one much better….more character!


I tried to draw some of the cows but they kept moving….really hard to do a sketch that way! The other half is the view out the sliding doors in the sunporch. My Morning Glory-covered railings.




I took my sketchbook to the beach one evening and did a couple of drawings there. I was approached by a couple of people and had a nice conversation with a local family.





Yesterday, I went with some girlfriends to another beach and took my sketchbook along…..a couple of drawings from there…



Farm stuff…..

Today is harvest day. The field of grain beside our place is being harvested….I got a few shots…

IMG_8415 IMG_8416 IMG_8420

OK…that is it for today.


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