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Note to Self….

March 19, 2014


Yup, that’s right….in my wonderful wisdom, that is just where I have been putting my magnifying lamp….right next to the new carrying caddy that I won.

Yesterday, my neighbour came over for tea and a visit. We were in my studio and I had just turned on the propane fireplace to warm things up a bit. It was a very beautiful, sunny day, but the studio doesn’t get the sun until after lunch. I thought I smelled something different….like burning rubber. I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining things or if there was something wrong somewhere.

I asked her if she smelled it. She did, and started to look around. She said, ‘Could it be that?’ I looked on top of the shelves by one of the windows, and there was a plume of smoke rising up from my new caddy!! My first thought was that something inside it had heated up somehow….(scrapped that thought because there was nothing inside that would get hot). That is when I noticed the magnifying lamp….right next to the caddy….angled just so…….



This is what happened to my caddy!

I think of all the things that COULD have happened if she hadn’t come over, or we didn’t spot it in time, or…………

Anyway, thanks Brenda!! I owe you one!

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  1. March 19, 2014 12:50 pm

    Thank God for friends visiting.

  2. March 19, 2014 12:51 pm

    Amen to that!

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