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Trevor fixes the barn roof

April 28, 2012

Remember when I said that I had lost the pictures of my hubby on the barn roof?? Well, after the computer came back from the ICU, I found them! I will now tell the tale and show you the pictures of that event…

First of all, the problem.

We noticed in one of the last major wind storms of the winter that the last piece of metal roof on one end of the peak was lifting in the wind, causing the end long piece to start lifting as well. If it was not fixed right away, the whole end of the roof could be damaged. We HAD to get it fixed.

Trev decided to do it himself so he borrowed a 40′ ladder and safety harness from a friend (thanks, Dan!) and on the next calm day, surveyed the roof…

A loooonnng way up!!

He began by setting the ladder against the barn.

Our neighbour very kindly came over to help with this part. (thanks, Gord)

Trev got up there and decided that the ladder was too short.

Plan B. I drove the truck under the spot and they put the ladder on the bed.

That was better!

Trev got up onto the roof. He had to walk up to the peak and screw in a large eyebolt so that the safety harness could be attached. Seems wrong somehow…

OK so far. He looked really small up there!

Screwing in the eyebolt.

Up to this point, I was standing really far back in order to get the whole barn in the shot. I knew he was alright for a while so I started to become interested in some geese flying overhead…

Pretty cool!

Meanwhile, back at the barn…

He was done that bit and starting down.

He got this far.

He layed there and said that he couldn’t move any farther. I guess all he could see was air! I was sure that I couldn’t climb up there and help him! He waited a few minutes before mustering up the courage to continue…

The scary climb onto the ladder…

And he made it…my hero!

It looks more freaky when I zoom out!

OK, he spent some time figuring out the harness. My camera wandered again…


The harness is on…

He put his tools into one of the calf pails and prepared to ascend once more.

By now, this is a piece of cake!

He’s hooking up and starting to work. Check it out! I got him AND the geese!

Coming back for the tools.

Yeah, more geese!

The triumphant man! (this shot is reminiscent of ‘Signs’ eh?)

Well, he did the job and was able to get down just fine. Now, the wind can blow all it wants. While he was up there, he hammered in every nail he could find within the radius of that harness!

By the way. You can imagine how long all of that took. Those geese were flying overhead the ENTIRE time! There were thousands of them. Very cool!

He also painted the upstairs hallway. I haven’t taken the picture of the library end of it but it was painted yesterday.


So now I am caught up as far as work around the place is concerned. I will update the scarf and sweater situation soon.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Janet Jones permalink
    April 28, 2012 8:45 pm

    Talk about suspense!!! I cannot imagine how scary that was for you to be up on that roof, Trevor! You got some really fantastic shots, Carol, like the one with the geese in the sky behind Trevor!!! Really neat….

  2. Janet Jones permalink
    April 28, 2012 8:46 pm

    I keep thinking how impressed Don would have been with your “life-in-the-country” escapades!

  3. Adela permalink
    April 30, 2012 1:19 am

    Hey Carol, We saw the Canadian geese leaving California Easter weekend from the Owens Valley after a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. There were thousands of them practicing take-off and landing as a flock. Each flock looked like a giant dirt devil. The very little ones kept changing flocks mid flight. It was cool.
    BTW (By the way) Trev looks good up there.

  4. May 3, 2012 3:23 am

    Scary pics. Glad it worked out!

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