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The crunch is on…

February 6, 2012

I now have only a limited time to get ‘Celise’ in good enough shape to photograph for my quilt show entry. (Due in by Feb 24!)

I worked this morning on getting the shadows on her face. Here’s how she looked by noon…

See that REALLY ugly light-coloured piece on the left side of her face? When I attempted to iron it smoother, the tulle melted so I ripped it off leaving a heavy black stitching line! Not good!

I decided to replace the whole piece. Do you think I could find any suitable fabric in my stash? Noooo…

That put me into procrastination mode….again…

I called my good friend who is also a quilter and close neighbour to see if she had a scrap of the right colour. She said come over. I went for tea, we worked a bit on one of her quilts, I found a promising piece of fabric, I did some knitting…..

Enough, I thought! I have to get home.

Back in my studio, I traced out another piece onto freezer paper. (A great reason to keep your master in one piece!) I attached Misty Fuse to the back and ironed it in place. Nice and neat now…

I used dots of fabric glue to attach all the pieces together so the quilt is one image now.

Here she is!

In case you have forgotten what she used to look like (or haven’t seen her before) here is a previous picture… (that reference photo is 8″x10″ to give you an idea of her size)

So, now I will place her onto a black background, add the batting and black backing to form the ‘sandwich’ and then the hard part…how am I going to quilt her???? Ideas??

I am thinking of ‘contour’ lines on her face and arms to increase the 3-D look, but the background? Not a clue so far.

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  1. brenda testu permalink
    February 7, 2012 2:34 am

    hi Carol, It was great to look through your blof. I am so impressed and excited. We just moved here in july, and now I know a famous P.E. Islander. You do fantastic work, and i love how much you love this island. Take Take care and good luck with your quilt.

  2. Mark & Dierdrea permalink
    February 7, 2012 10:29 pm

    Looks good….like the black. Better stop procrastinating! Mark gets his buck back on Saturday and I know he really wants you to quilt it. Will be emailing you all types of photos. Some of when Mark first shot it and quite a few after it is hanging on the wall.

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