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Speedbumps along the road!

July 16, 2011

Well, I had a good start.

I chose the material for the next piece, added a bit of black tulle for a shadowed area, then tried to iron the glue to the back and got the material well and truly stuck to my ‘non-stick’ paper! The fabric shredded when I tried to un-stick it. Now my iron wouldn’t iron a flat piece of fabric, it was too gunked up.

On top of that, my machine decided it wouldn’t work either, breaking threads and tension out of whack.

I took the rest of the day off…

Yesterday, my hubby kindly took some emery cloth to the iron and cleaned it up. I very patiently sat with the machine and changed needles, cleaned out the bobbin casing, and generally straightened everything up and it decided to work again.

Instead of attacking ‘Celise’ right away, I got out a UFO and decided to finish it.

This one is a picture of the beautiful road we live on. The view is from the Trans Canada looking toward our farm at the far end.

Our place is where the two trees are in the distance…

I stitched the forground and middle ground. The only part left is the tree arching over the road and final detail work. (I plan on adding tulle shadows on the road and some more detail in the grass on the sides. Here’s a slightly closer look…

It is hard to see the stitching in these photos so I took a shot of the back…

I looks like a pencil sketch!

As well as doing this quilting, I mowed our 1 1/2 acre of grass yesterday and rode with my husband for a while when he mowed down the 2 1/2 acre hayfield in front of our house. We will be disking this up and letting another crop grow there. He borrowed a neighbour’s larger tractor and mower to do the job and I got to drive it for a while. I has a neat little lever that allows you to switch from forward to reverse without using a clutch. Very handy!

Anyway, that’s where I’m at this morning and we’ll see what the day brings…

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  1. July 16, 2011 4:17 pm

    Speedbumps! Argggh!
    Frustrating, eh? At least you had another project to work on! I like this one – reminds me of here – minus the red roads, LOL!

    So you have a hayfield as well? Now, if you only had a horse to eat it!
    Enjoy your summer!

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