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Arizona desert

January 27, 2011

I’m not sold on the above name for this quilt yet! Seems to lack punch, any ideas?

My goal yesterday was to add the small bushes in the foreground. I had a small, 10″x12″ piece of a great, textured-looking dark green fabric that I had decided to use. Remember that this quilt is the size of a tablecloth? I wasn’t totally sure that this piece of fabric would make enough bushes to cover the foreground!

Anyway, I got out my Mistyfuse ( a great glue product sold by the meter/yard that feels like you are holding a cobweb)

I ironed this to the back of my little piece of fabric. *you need 2 sheets of some teflon-type stuff  and the fabric/mistyfuse is between them. I actually use the backing paper from that sticky drawer liner that you can buy at Wal Mart, etc!

I freehand cut a few bushes and added them to the bottom of the quilt…

I like the look so I kept going. I used every little scrap of that fabric and made it all the way across!

That was a small goal. I did it. I left the quilt alone while I went for a swim and some suntanning.

Later, I decided that I needed to work on something else…mostly to make sure my machine was in working order.

We needed some coasters and I had this great Southwest fabric so I cut out 5″ squares and batting for 6 coasters.

Then, they were sandwiched together and quilted. Sounds easy, right? I actually fought with these. It was like I had forgotten lots of things! This seems to happen right after a dry spell. I began in one corner instead of the middle and wondered why they were so hard to handle! I did figure out my problem quickly, though, so I guess there’s hope.

I haven’t quite decided what kind of edging I’m going to add. It could be binding or just a satin stitch zigzag. Who knows?

As an aside…remember those great fake palm trees? I got a good close-up from our apartment door…

I think these are so cool! Even the post is sponge painted to look like a tree trunk! Awesome…

Not sure what today’s goal is other than I need to make some cactus plants – wish me luck!

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  1. Anne &Charlie permalink
    January 27, 2011 6:33 pm

    How are you and Trevor doing? How is he doing at the hospital? It can’t be better then Summerside, especially today when we are in a snow storm and you guys are in the nice hot sun!!!!! Just be thinking of us when your sitting by the pool!!!!
    The quilt is looking great and all the pictures are nice to. Talk to you soon!!

  2. Joan Massey permalink
    January 27, 2011 7:16 pm

    Dear Carol,
    Still enjoying the quilt!
    ~ And I love those great coasters! Very creative! Maybe that should be a new tradition – a new set of coaster for every community you live in during your travels! They could each say something different about the ambiance of your new locale… eventually, your coasters would tell quite the story!

    I must say those towers are very imaginative! I am amazed they spent the money to disguise them. Is it for the sake of the birds – or the people? 😉

    You mentioned a swim – is there a pool nearby? Enjoy your life down there, you two!!
    Hugs ~

  3. January 28, 2011 12:21 am

    Hey mom…I think you should leave out the detailed cactus. The way it is now makes a great (big) statement already, but adding something in the foreground would just pull your eye away from the detail in the background and make it simply that…the background. Let the background be the focal point.
    That’s my two cents. You can delete this comment.

  4. Denise permalink
    January 29, 2011 3:14 pm

    Quilt is coming along great. I like the idea of the coasters for each place you live. As for missing PEI, don’t worry, all this snow will still be here in July and you can have your winter then! Just kidding, I’ll be glad to see spring in two months time. Enjoy your sunny home

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