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Friday…day 1

January 15, 2011

What a day!! I think I forgot to mention that we had a snow storm with high winds for the last 2-3 days! I was really wondering what today would be like. We had to take my plants to a neighbour (thank you, Brenda!) , a plumber had to come and drain all the pipes (leaving us with NO water in the house), and we couldn’t leave until the FedEx guy came with my husband’s contract. Trev was picking up the mail and saw the Purolator truck wizzing past our place and heading for Charlottetown. He got really worried, thinking that they missed our place and gave chase for a while!! He came home very concerned until he remembered that it was FedEx that we were waiting for!

Anyway, the day dawned bright and beautiful and not too cold. Yay!

The neighbour brought her hubby and picked up the plants…thanks again, Brenda!

The plumber arrived just as I was finishing the cleaning and washing of dishes and clothes.

The FedEx guy arrived just after the plumber left and most of the truck was packed! Perfect timing.

Loading 'Big Red'

I couldn’t believe that we got all our tubs into the truck with room on top for our bikes! My hubby’s a great packer.

Most of my studio is packed in there!

Anyway, we got away at 3:30pm and headed off the island. We took the Confederation bridge route…


Confederation bridge

This is a 12.5km span over Northumberland Strait which separates Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

An hour later we arrived in Moncton to visit Costco (we don’t have one on the island…yet)

Here’s a scene from our drive in New Brunswick…

New Brunswick scene

We then drove on to Fredericton NB where I am writing this post, arriving at 7:30pm.

In case you are interested, I found a couple of other pictures to share with you…

the first one is of my kitchen window. I did NOT spray fake stuff on it – this is the real thing!


Kitchen window

This next picture is the final shot of my third Estonian lace scarf…

Finished scarf #3

Well, there you are…

I will log in again tomorrow night to let you know where we are.

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  1. Joan Massey permalink
    January 15, 2011 5:37 pm

    Wow! Friday was quite the day, indeed! I will pray for you both as you embark on this continent-spanning adventure that is an epic journey if ever there was one!
    Loved the pics of the frost on your kitchen windows – we had the same “artwork-by-God” up at the trailer during the winter – but they were often long, graceful palm fronds! LOL! Who says the Almighty has no sense of humour? LOL! 😉
    The Estonian lace scarf is just amazing…. very impressive! It looks like a family heirloom, not something just created. Well done, my wonderful and talented friend!
    Hope you and Trev have had a good day on the road. Will you rest tomorrow or push on?
    I will be checking my email daily, now that I know you are on the move – I want to journey with you and pray you through to Palm Springs.
    Much love to you both!

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