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Down times are OK too…

November 10, 2010

Well, here it is the 10th already and I haven’t touched my sewing machine! I have found that these ‘dry’ quilting times are hard to handle as I really want to be quilting but the muse is not with me. It is best to let things take their natural course and enjoy other things in the meantime. I know that I WILL have the strong desire to quilt again.

Meanwhile, my design wall looks like this…

My design wall

You can see my quilt, “Reflections” that won one of the Judge’s Choice awards in the Canadian National Juried Quilt show this past Spring. That ribbon is the red and white one.

The other ribbon is for a Grand Prize win at the American Sewing Expo in Michigan this past Sept. I am really excited about that one! Especially the $2000 prize that went along with it!

There is also a small quilt showing one of the gorgeous red back roads here in Prince Edward Island. They are so photogenic. This one needs a back and some binding.

As a note: my design wall has a black pressboard-type backing which was screwed onto the wall. On top of that I tacked a couple of $1 store flannel table cloths. These work really well for sticking fabric to. I find that heavier items such as my Cadillac quilt need to be pinned on the top or they will be in a heap on the floor in the morning.





Here’s a closer shot of ‘Reflections’


This is a quilt showing the 1959 Cadillac. I took the original photo of a neighbour’s car and blew it up, made a pattern, divided it into sections, and proceeded to cut out and apply each little bit. This process took about 1 1/2 months!

I was worried about quilting it as I didn’t want to spoil the picture. After a year (yeah, a year) of putting it off, I finally did the stitching. I’m glad it took that long, actually, because I had a few serendipities along the way. One was the idea to cover the car with blue tulle before stitching. That toned down the whole thing and provided more security for all the small pieces. They aren’t going anywhere!

The highlight on the front edge of the hood is made up of about 20 layers of white tulle…each one slightly bigger than the one below. There is a lot of tulle in this picture as well as organza.








Anyway, if you are going through a dry spell, give yourself permission to do something else and enjoy.

Here’s what I am doing…

Lace knitting




I bought a book on Estonian Lace Knitting and some lace-weight wool and am knitting a scarf. VERY detailed work…





Cross-stitch sampler


Even though I have been cross stitching forever, I have never done a sampler. My friend gave me this pattern and I started it in October. I am using a variegated thread which is also a first.

I discovered that you have to cut the floss in the middle of a dark or light part. When you start with a new piece, you need to match the colour you ended with. (hopefully that makes sense!)

You also need to map out where you want the shading to happen as you go. I started out in the upper right hand corner and see that I didn’t plan very well. One side of the ‘vine’ is light while the other is dark. It doesn’t look right. I did change the direction I stitched later on.


'Tree' hooked rug


I started this in Oct. This will be my second hooked rug. I am using a variety of yarns. Included is: pure wool 3ply from the woolen mill on the island, 2ply from the same mill, and cut up strips from wool blankets and skirts.

The blue at the top is sky. I am working on both tree and sky at the same time…go figure!

Thank you to my daughter, Hannah, who did a small acrylic painting of this tree in school. I am trying to copy it here.


Anyway, enjoy whatever you are working on and keep posted. Eventually, I will be back at the sewing machine.

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  1. Joan Massey permalink
    November 14, 2010 1:28 am

    Nice to see another post from you!
    Glad to see “Reflections” taking a prominent spot on your wall! Congrats all on your winning once again ~ but you know I am a fan! 🙂
    Writers and other creative people have dry periods too, of course; I think our brains just need recharging by doing totally different things for awhile… eventually, all is right (or “write” ) with the world once again and off we go once more on our favourite thing….
    I love seeing the Estonian lace work you are doing – that will be quite amazing when you are done! I like the embroidery sampler as well – it’s been years and years and years since I did any embroidery… I really like the variegated thread colours in the sampler!
    … but I had to laugh – doing a third thing, the rug as well???
    My Friend, you aren’t having a dry spell ~ you are positively overflowing! 😀

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