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My new colouring book is finished!

November 6, 2016


This book, Vintage Postcards to Colour, includes 43 drawings of vintage greeting postcards ( all drawn to 8 1/2 x 11 by hand) plus full colour thumbnails of the original postcards in the back.

It is available on my Etsy shop : QuiltsNStuffbyCarol in a download version. Cost: $11.99

If you would like the hard copy version which is printed on 67lb paper and coil bound, contact me at: and we can work out the details. I do use PayPal. Cost: $20.00

Here is a link to a flip through of my book on YouTube :

We have taken 28 of the drawings plus the covers, shrunk them to 4×6, added a hand drawn vintage looking postcard back and made them into pads. The postcards can be coloured, pulled out and mailed. Great stocking stuffers! They are available through me at the moment but should be on Etsy soon…introductory price until Christmas…$5 (plus shipping)


We are trying to market this book ourselves so feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested. We appreciate your assistance in this!


Miscellaneous projects

October 24, 2016

We have been very busy this past while. The majority of the time was spent getting the new colouring book ready to print. ( this time, we are doing it ourselves !) It has 43 drawings of early 1900s greeting postcards to colour as well as 3 pages of colour pictures of the original postcards in the back.

So far, we have been doing some advertising on Facebook, etc. The downloadable version is on my Etsy store – QuiltsNStuffbyCarol.


We had the covers and colour pages printed locally and did the rest ourselves. The pages are printed on 67lb cover stock which makes them lovely to colour on. Here is the set up for assembling the books…


You can just see the white cover on my sewing machine in the background…every surface has to do double or triple duty here!

We go to the local coffee hangout to colour once a week and I have been colouring the pages from our book…here they are so far…

Those blue pages are actually white! It was getting dark when I took those shots.

We shrunk 28 of the pages and the covers down to 4×6 and bought some Pad Glue to make gummed pads as well. The backs of the postcards are drawn to look like vintage postcards backs to make them useable.

Ok, I have started teaching quilting again after almost no classes all summer. A group of 4 gals came Monday and Friday this past week and created some beautiful Fall quilts…




Beautiful work, girls!

Besides these endeavours, I have been using my lovely scrapbook papers to cover Composition books…big and mini sizes…and making gift packs.

All of the items I have been working on are all for the many Craft Shows we are in. Here are the up-coming shows if anyone is in this area…

Nov 5- Possibly at the “Christmas on the Sissiboo” craft sale in Weymouth at St. Mary’s Bay Academy. ( we are on the waiting list)

Nov 12- Craft show at the Saulnierville Legion

Nov 19- Craft show at the Rodd Grand in Yarmouth

Dec 3- Craft show at the Yarmouth Memorial High School

Dec 4- Craft show at the Rodd Grand in Yarmouth

Never a dull moment, eh?

At the end of the week, we should be getting a small pellet stove installed in our living room….looking forward to some cozy heat this winter!

Well, thanks for stopping by

Stay warm and Happy Quilting/ crafting, etc!


Hello everyone!

August 22, 2016



I hope your summer is going well (we won’t mention that it is almost over…right?)

Sales of the colouring book -Colour Our World are going well. We are also selling individual pages and postcards too. We had a table at the Universite Sainte-Anne during the Acadian Festival on parade day…Hi to those of you who came by!

Work is continuing on my next book…44 drawings so far…but we are finding it difficult to locate a publisher to take it on. Any ideas?

We have two signs printed which will be placed out at the front of the property soon…


My business cards have been changed to match as well.

I now have an Etsy shop up and running with my first sale already! The name of the shop is…QuiltsNStuffbyCarol . There are 4 downloadable colouring pages so far with more to come. Here’s they are…


I have had some quilted pieces for sale at a summer gallery show at Saint Bernard church. Many of them have sold so I was busy creating new ones! The show ends this Thursday.

There have been quilt classes as well here and there this summer…hope that picks up this Fall.

I will be demoing later in September at a nearby crafting drop in centre full of wonderful pieces on consignment. There will be many other demos including a milliner and a model ship builder…sounds like fun!



Quilt Show fun…

August 2, 2016

I was recently invited to demo my pictorial quilting at the quilt show at the Saulnierville Church.( July 25-28) It is such an awesome show that I was thrilled to have the opportunity!

So many beautiful quilts done by talented ladies. The show was very well attended with some people stopping by who had arranged holiday time around the dates.

A local reporter came by with her camera and did an article about the show. She also interviewed me and added a couple of photos. Here is the link to the article…

Enjoy your day!

The book is here!

July 21, 2016


The book has arrived and is now selling in 5 locations in the area as well as at our booth on Saturdays at the Belliveau Cove Farmers Market. Postcards to colour of the different pages will be available as well.

There has been a lot of public interest which is awesome. It looks like we may have to get more printed shortly!

Individual pages to colour will be available on my etsy store as well…stay tuned for that.

The fun never ends!

July 7, 2016

Welcome to my blog if this is your first visit. Welcome back to all my regular friends. Pull up a chair, coffe/ tea/ lemonade in hand and I’ll show you what I have been up to lately.

There have been quilting classes…the beautiful pieces that students are creating are wonderful!


imageEach of these quilts was a second project…not bad, eh? These gals should definitely be proud of their work.

Classes are being booked for whenever people want. One upcoming class will be bear-making. Yes, I teach that too…along with art classes, extreme colouring, knitting, crocheting, lace making…whatever is desired!

Here are some examples of bears I have made…

Every now and then, I get a wonderful drawing from one of my grandchildren….here are a couple from my 7yr old granddaughter.

All of my grandkids are artists. I love seeing all of their work!

The big thing at the moment are my own colouring books. The first one…24 drawings of the French Acadian Shore area of Nova Scotia has been printed and is in transit to us as I write this. We are very pleased with the response and hope to sell them quickly and go on to another printing.


The pencil crayons at the top are  fabric. They were heading for a quilt of some sort which never really came to be. When I began this display, they came to mind so I glued them on. The ‘coming soon’ sign has a pocket on the back so I can remove it when the books arrive. This display will be at the Farmers Market with us or wherever we are selling the books.

In the meantime, I have started the drawings for my second book. I am aiming for 80 drawings at least for this book, which I hope to get published this time.

I have been working on colouring as well…just finished this page in my Escape to Wonderland book this week…


I thought I would give you a bit of a tour of the work up on the walls in my studio…

We recently had a garage sale ( not too successful, I’m afraid) so when it came to doing up some signs on cardboard, I had some fun…


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our visit …come back anytime!

Happy May!

May 14, 2016

First of all, a big WELCOME to the new subscribers! I hope you enjoy these posts. All comments/ ideas/ picture sharing are welcome. Sit back with a cup of coffe/ iced tea and here we go…

It has been a very busy few months here and I have gotten lax with my posting…again!

There have been quilt classes most Saturdays with some amazing pieces being created…a few examples…

Beautiful, aren’t they?

There will be classes this coming Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday for those in the area. Call, text, or email me if you are interested.

I have continued to colour in my books…which led to the inspired idea of creating my own book!

A bit of my colouring…(which is technically Extreme Colouring!)

I drew in the background for those two pages from the Escape to Wonderland book.

Here is a page from the Extreme Colouring, Amazing World book…first the photo they used…


And now my coloured page…I had to add all the details like stones in the walls and mountain details…


I’m happy with that one!

The other book I am working in is the Harry Potter, Places and Characters book. I love the rich colours and antique look to the rooms. I am presently working on Dumbledore’s office…


They added coloured pictures of the actual sets which was a big help! You can see the photo in the corner. It is a fun challenge to get mine as close as possible to the original.

This brings me to another point/ rabbit trail! I have my own YouTube channel now! You can find me at : quilts n’ stuff by carol

So far, I have posted one video of me colouring a page from the Escape to Wonderland book, (sped up 12x) but soon, I will be doing a tutorial on getting realistic wood effects ( the other bookcase in Dumbledore’s office), a tutorial on making a scrapbook album from scratch to hold postcards, some quilt demos…you get the idea, a mixed bag .


I decided to make a locally themed book that would be of interest to locals and tourists alike. It is called…COLOUR OUR WORLD ,Clare Municipality, The French Acadian Shore. I drew pictures of local landmarks, industry, scenes, critters, etc. My partner did all the technical work which has been an amazing help! Thanks so much, Bob!

Here are some sample pages…


At the moment, we are getting the little write ups for the back of each of the 24 pages translated into French. We have a printer lined up and hope to get the PDFs sent next week! The book would then be ready by the end of June. Anyone interested in a copy ($15.00 CDN) can contact me here.

Some of the pages will be available on Etsy soon along with postcards. I have coloured a few of my postcard pages…here they are…


Last but not least, I have been getting some 5×7 quilts finished up. Here are a couple…

Enjoy the rest of the month!

More updates to come…

Happy February everyone!

February 4, 2016


Wow! It’s February and we have green grass, rain, and temps up to 8 degrees some days! I’m enjoying Nova Scotia!

I have been busy being creative in a number of different ways. There was a quilt class last weekend with another wonderful piece made by a student.


I love the frosty look, especially the distant trees which were drawn with the machine! Way to go, Linda!

For those of you who are local, there will be classes this Saturday and Sunday, contact me if you wish to join us!

I am always designing new quilts and, of course, local scenes take precedence. Here is one I did last week of Smugglers Cove, which is not far from here.


It it even looks kind of interesting from the back!


I stitched more water than I needed too!

I found a new adult colouring book which grabbed my interest right away. It is called, Escape to Wonderland and follows the story. I am colouring these pages in order and today I videotaped a page while colouring with the idea of putting it on YouTube for fun! Here are some pages so far…


For some reason, every time I asked it to insert 8 pictures, it only did 7!!! Ok then…here is the one I completed today while taping with my video camera…


On to other things… I am also knitting a lacy cowl with beads attached. Mine will be out of a fuzzy off white wool ( super fine!) Here is a shot from my pattern…


We did some rearranging in the house last week to create a library out of a bedroom…I think it looks pretty awesome! There are two shelves on the wall to the left that don’t show up on this shot…


Alright…last but not least, I am working on my next teaching/ speaking tour….it will be in ALBERTA!! 2017. If you live near to Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, or Lethbridge and would like to see my trunk show or take a class, contact your local guild. I have sent out my e-brochure to them and would love to meet you! I have already heard from guilds in Edmonton and Lethbridge…the more the merrier!

Happy Quilting!








Up and running in 2016!

January 17, 2016

Well, the studio is set up now. I just need more machines!

I had a class for one late last week and then yesterday, a class for 3 gals. They each did a beach scene that was a typical, rocky Nova Scotia scene in the Saint Mary’s Bay Area.

They each did such wonderful work! I’m proud of them all. Here are the finished 8×10 pieces…


Our lighting wasn’t the best so I apologize for how dark they look. You can see how awesome they came out, though!

Anyone  in the area wanting to take a class like this one is welcome to contact me through this blog or Facebook. The one-day class for an 8×10 is $40. Fabric will be provided free as an introductory offer for your first class.

Happy quilting!





December 21, 2015

Christmas Update

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and thoughts turn to upcoming festivities and dinners. I hope that you are all well and finding time to be creative!

We have now been in the new place for a whopping 6 weeks and have accomplished a lot! The studio has been encased in insulation….three walls that needed it and the attic above that half. The pellet stove has been installed and is giving enough heat so that once it is up to temperature in there, we can turn it down to level 2 or 3 for the day. When it is sunny out, the whole place gets even warmer and is infused with wonderful light through the huge windows.




The first photo shows the back wall and the outside entrance. You can see 2 of the tables in a row and a third table by itself with the seating area in the far corner by the pellet stove.

The second photo shows the fourth and fifth tables in another row.

The last photo is a better shot of the seating area. We love spending time there in the evenings.

I staged an open house in the studio this past Saturday, Dec 19th. It was nice to see people from the area who stopped by. Hopefully, classes will begin in the new year!

I have been busy doing other things as well. I knit some hats for grandchildren…


I knit my very first pair of socks…no photo. Maybe the next pair will be more photogenic!

I have also taken out and dusted off a knitted scarf project from a few years back…yes, Dee, it’s yours! I am almost finished it and will be mailing it as soon as it is completed!! Better late than never, right?

While foraging around in the attic, we came across this cool chocolate box…it would be awesome to be able to buy these now, eh?


I have also been sketching….almost everywhere we go to eat, I sketch my meal just for practise…


I also sketched my traveling watercolour set and some of the Playmobil characters in my Advent calendar …


I joined a couple of local groups. The first one is a Scrapbooking group…we meet weekly and I really enjoy the time to play with no other chores, etc, to get in the way. We recently had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I couldn’t find one, so I stitched parts from thrift store stockings, etc, all over it. I was not successful in making it ugly enough apparently…


The he other group is an Adult Colouring group that meets at a local coffee place to talk ‘art’ and colour. Lots of kindred spirits there!

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with lots of ‘happy tears and noisy games’ (to quote one of my favourite Christmas movies) May your new year be an adventure to be enjoyed with loads of time for creativity!

Happy quilting,